Reducing uncertainty in your clinical treatment decisions

Cardiovascular medicine is challenging, and too often, doctors need to take difficult treatment decisions.  Without the right data, we can’t expect doctors to be right all of the time. In the future, doctors will not be alone in bearing this burden. Better data & analyses will help them confidently take better & more  personalized clinical decisions. At IMAGEENS, the future is here.

The future of vascular medicine is AI-enabled

Vascular disease specialists will use AI-enabled clinical decision support (CDS) software to process vast amounts of imaging data and to help them in their decision-making. AI will augment doctors’ decision-making capabilities, providing them with analyses that were previously unthinkable, taking patient care and health care efficiency to the next level. 

IMAGEENS focuses on high unmet need cardiovascular indications
Diseases for which clinical decisions are challenging and, too often, wrong decisions  cost unnecessary lives.

Aortic Aneurysms

EVAR endoleaks

Carotid stenosis