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Predictive imaging biomarkers to quantify arterial function

ArtFun+ 1.2.2 is a CE-marked software as a medical device (SaMD, Class I) for medical imaging healthcare professionals to measure advanced cardiovascular imaging  biomarkers such as Ascending Aortic Distensibility (AAD) and Aortic Arch Pulse Wave Velocity (AAPWV).

We work with leading cardiovascular healthcare professionals, having helped with 77 publications in leading journals. We have also  supported the world-reknown MESA trial.

ArtFun+ measure arterial stiffness and flow biomarkers that are commonly recognized as a major risk factor for CV diseases and considered as major predictors of cardiovascular mortality.


ArtFun+ is the most clinically validated & most published technology for measuring arterial stiffness measurement by MRI1,2,3.

For ArtFun+ users

The Instructions For Use (IFU) are available for download by clicking on the button below. Users may also request (for free) a paper version of the IFU by sending an email request at


1) Redheuil A, Yu WC, Wu CO, et al. Reduced ascending aortic strain and distensibility: earliest manifestations of vascular aging in humans. Hypertension. 2010;55(2):319-326. doi:10.1161/HYPERTENSIONAHA.109.141275

2) Redheuil A, Wu CO, Kachenoura N, et al. Proximal aortic distensibility is an independent predictor of all-cause mortality and incident CV events: the MESA study. J Am Coll Cardiol.

3) Full set of publications available at






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Images used to validate the algorithm

"A man is as old as his arteries"

-Thomas Sydenham-