Our story

From its origin, IMAGEENS was plunged in international DeepTech. Founded in 2017, IMAGEENS was created to build market-ready medical image processing software based on DeepTech technologies built over 10 years of technical and clinical research from world-class research institutions such as Sorbonne Université (Laboratoire d’Imagerie Biomédicale), the APHP (Pitié Salpêtrière), and Johns Hopkins.

Since its inception, IMAGEENS has demonstrated its ability to leverage advanced AI to build cutting-edge medical software. This innovation has been recognized through several prestigious French innovation competitions (ILAB, PIA, PIA Leader, INSERM Innovation Prize) and multiple innovation labels (Jeune Entreprise Innovante (JEI) and Startup DeepTech).

Today, IMAGEENS is a spearhead company in the rapidly growing field of AI in cardiovascular health. IMAGEENS has the world’s most clinically validated technology to analyse arterial function by MRI, and is deploying this technology in combination with other AI components to revolutionize treatment decisions in cardiovascular health.

Board of directors

Philippe Pernot


Dr. Alban Redheuil, MD PhD

Robert Baldwin

Anas Dogui

Mansour Chaara


Robert Baldwin, MBA

Dr. Alban Redheuil, MD PhD

Anas Dogui, Phd

Christopher Salotti, MSc

André Frelicot

Timothée Evain, Phd

Ridha Rouis

Shimon Marciano, Pharm D.