predictive MDR CE class 2a medical device for preventive cardiovascular medicine

IMAGEENS has developed Europe’s first clinically-validated software as a medical device enabling the measurement of MRI imaging biomarkers recognized as a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases and significant predictors of mortality. Our software as a medical device has successfully received the notoriously challenging class 2a approval under the EU’s new Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR).



Enabling the measurement of predictive imaging biomarkers

of death and hard cardiovascular events

Based on a robust, clinically 
validated platform

Powered a predictive clinical decision tool for cardiovascular age & risk analysis

IMAGEENS has developed a clinical decision tool based on ArtFun+’s biomarkers for cardiovascular check-ups. IT helps cardiologist and clinics to start and monitor cardiovascular prevention by providing a personal report that screen the cardiovascular age and detect the earliest signs of CV disease based on our proprietery data.e


Enabling a personal analysis of cardiovascular age & risk

We share our knowledge & approach with leading healthcare institutions to build more Predictive Clinical Decision AI

Imageens has developed a technology that allows data owners to seamlessly structure and prepare their imaging dataset for AI training. IT allows healthcare institutions to unlock the full potential of their multi-dimensional cardiovascular MRI images to turbocharge its AI development capabilities as used by the Europe’s largest medical images database (EDS/APHP).


Preparing large imaging
datasets for AI-training

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